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The Sugar Glider Registry Project


Sugar glider colour morphs are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, so, as responsible breeders we thought it was time to create an online database so that lineage can be registered and is easily available.

Lineage is very important, especially for colour morphs, as the gene pool is so narrow.  This database has been set up in order to safeguard bloodlines and to avoid problems caused by possible inbreeding.

America have suffered from sterile lines and they now have a very large, extensive online database to avoid this happening again.  We would like to avoid any problems like this by creating the database in our early stages.  If we can keep an eye on our bloodlines, hopefully this will pave the way for a healthy gene pool and healthy gliders.

Unfortunately however, the UK already has breeders selling colour morph gliders without any lineage details (and at the same price as gliders with lineage).  This is very irresponsible and they will not be recommended by this site.

Most gliders with lineage will have come from America, so are traceable back to the US database.  If you are looking for a morph or two, please ensure your breeder can provide you with traceable lineage so that you can check you will not be inbreeding.

The database is not just for gliders of colour, breeders of classic greys can also register their gliders’ details.  By doing this, we can also begin to keep an eye on their bloodlines too. I appreciate that most breeders of Classics will not be able to provide a full 5 generation lineage, but if we start now, maybe they will be able to do so in the future.