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These dried foods can be used as part of the SGS 2 diet. Many people like to leave it in the cage 24/7 for their gliders to nibble on ad lib. Dried foods should be used as PART of a well balanced fresh diet, they are not a substitute.

Store all foods and supplements in a cool, dark place. Insectivore Fare should be kept sealed, and will last up to 4 months if stored correctly, it can even be frozen. The supplements if stored correctly will last up to two years, but they must be kept sealed.

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Oatmeal – 500g


Oatmeal is a part of the SGS 2 diet.  1 heaped tablespoon should be added to your 450g mush mix, the oatmeal does not need cooking or soaking, just add it to the mix as it is. Oatmeal contains insoluble […]

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SGS Bee Pollen


This is the pure form of Bee Pollen and is human grade.  It contains all of the essential amino acids and is a complete protein. Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, K and Rutin, Anti oxidants, 28 minerals, essential […]

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SGS Brown Linseed 100g


Brown linseed is part of the SGS 2 diet.  Soak 1 tablespoon of linseed in boiled water to soften the outer shell and allow the oils inside to be released.  Once softened, add it (water and seeds) to your mush. […]

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SGS Bugs, Grubs & Berries


Bugs, Grubs & Berries is a nutritious insectivore diet which is loaded with insects and blueberries.  This diet is designed to add variety to insectivorous mammals diets.   Bugs, Grubs & Berries is suitable for sugar gliders, pygmy hedgehogs, opossums, skunks […]

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SGS Calci Worms


Dried Calci-Worms are the lavae of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) and are high in protein to support strong and healthy growth.  Black soldier fly larvae are considered the best new alternative for incorporating calcium and protein in to […]

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SGS Chopped Hibiscus


Hibiscus is a very nutritional edible flower that gliders love. It has an exellent calcium:phosphorus ratio and is rich in vitamins and minerals including: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, Potassium, Riboflavin, Sodium, Thiamin, Vitamins A and C. Sprinkle lightly over […]

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SGS Glider Calcium and Magnesium 150g


SGS Glider Calcium contains Magnesium and is an important addition to the diet.  It helps keep the bones healthy and calcium is required for all basic bodily functions. The Magnesium converts vitamin D in to its active form which helps […]

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SGS Gliderade


Gliderade is a vitamin enriched nectar supplement for sugar gliders.  It comes in powder form which you mix with water at a ratio of 1 part powder to 5 parts water, and offer to your gliders.  In nature these insectivorous […]

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SGS Insect Gut Loader 100g


It is very important to ‘gut load’ live insects before feeding them to your gliders.  Insects have a very poor Calcium:Phosphorus ratio which can alter the overall diet ratio. Live insects are great for enrichment so turn the treat (insects) […]

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SGS Insect Mix


A  lovely mix of three types of dried insects, dried mealworms, dried maggots, dried crickets, and dried silkworm pupae – sounds delicious, right?  My gliders love it!! Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein 56% Crude Fats and oils: 21% Crude Fibre: 8% […]

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SGS Insectivore Fare 450g


Insectivore Fare is a soft, moist pelleted food designed to be fed free choice; many people like to leave it in the cage during the daytime in case their gliders fancy a snack. One tablespoon per pair of sugar gliders […]

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SGS Monkey Biscuits


Orange flavoured Monkey Biscuits make a great nutritious addition to a balanced diet but should not be considered a complete diet.  Some people like to soften the biscuits a little before offering to gliders but they manage just fine with […]

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SGS Premium Dried Mealworms


These mealworms are premium dried which ensures the nutritional value is trapped inside and not lost.  Due to the the moisture loss, the nutritional value actually increases per gram.  Unlike other dried mealworms, these do not blow away when you […]

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SGS Pure Acacia Gum


Sugar gliders feed on the sap from acacia trees in the wild.  Acacia gum is a very important carbohydrate source, and gliders are able to digest 90% of it.  Gliders spend about half their time in the wild (43%) feeding […]

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SGS Spirulina


Spirulina is a fantastic addition to the diet, it contains 65% protein and amino acids and is an excellent source of vitamins A, K1, K2, B12, B1-3, B6, B9, C, D and E.  It contains the minerals potassium, calcium, chromium, […]

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SGS Sugar Glider Complete


Sugar Glider Complete is a pellet diet that can be left in the cage 24/7 and should be fed alongside a balanced diet.  Sugar Glider Complete should not replace fresh fruit and veg which form a large part of a […]

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