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F10 and Sanitation

F10 is proven effective against all types of bacteria, viruses fungi, and spores including MRSA, Avian Flu and Parvovirus.

It is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritant and aldehyde free. There are no reported adverse effects on people, animals, surfaces or equipment.

F10 has been given a ‘zero’ hazard rating by the EU and has many uses, including fogging, skin care and sterilisation.

There is documented evidence and test data available to support all claims. F10 is also highly cost effective.

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F10SCXD Veterinary Disinfectant – 100ml


F10SCXD is just as effective as the original F10SC, but contains an added detergent for a one-step operation to clean and disinfect hard surfaces. The non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive formula is biodegradable and will not corrode metals, irritate eyes or […]

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