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Torpor Kit and Supplies

I use the term torpor when the sugar glider is cold and not moving – but is still alive! Whether this terminology is correct or not, I don’t know. Torpor is a shallow hibernation that wild gliders go in to when the weather is bad, the body slows to conserve energy.

However, in captivity if a glider drops into this state for whatever reason, they do not have the colony around them to ensure the body temperature remains stable. As the body becomes colder, the energy reserves are used up trying to keep warm and if this is not reversed, the condition can be fatal.

I have a kit, or singles if you prefer, to help you be prepared for such an incident. Please be aware, finding a glider in this state is scary and it is stressful trying to bring them back round. If you do not feel confident then take the glider to the vet, but you need to warm them first, this is critical.

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1ml Pipettes pack of 5


This pipette holds 3ml of fluid.  Ideal for hand rearing sugar gliders or other small animals if you find syringes difficult to use.

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1ml Syringe pack of 5


This syringe holds 1ml of fluid.  Ideal for hand rearing sugar gliders or other small animals.

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Torpor Kit


It is very distressing finding a sugar glider in torpor, do you have everything at hand to reverse it?  This kit covers all bases and contains: 1 x Torpor Blanket (pattern may vary to picture) 2 x 3ml Pipettes 2 […]

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