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As a sugar glider breeder, if you find that a joey has been rejected you must be prepared to step in and rear the joey yourself. There are several things you will need and which I do not supply.

You will need an incubator to ensure the joey is kept warm at all times and you will need to create a moist but ventilated environment. Really Useful Boxes with holes drilled in to the lid are great for this, a 5L R.U.B. is perfect.

You will need a heatmat with thermostat set to 30ºC and also a thermometer to put inside the R.U.B, never place all of your trust in the thermostat. The RUB should be placed on top of the heat mat so that half of the length of the RUB will be warmed (the back) and half will be cooler (the front).

Pad the floor of the RUB with a towel, and put in two pouches – one on the warm side and one on the cool side. Place a dish with a moist cloth on the warm side to create humidity. DO NOT USE A DISH WITH WATER.

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1ml Pipettes pack of 5


This pipette holds 3ml of fluid.  Ideal for hand rearing sugar gliders or other small animals if you find syringes difficult to use.

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1ml Syringe pack of 5


This syringe holds 1ml of fluid.  Ideal for hand rearing sugar gliders or other small animals.

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F10SCXD Veterinary Disinfectant – 100ml


F10SCXD is just as effective as the original F10SC, but contains an added detergent for a one-step operation to clean and disinfect hard surfaces. The non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive formula is biodegradable and will not corrode metals, irritate eyes or […]

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Marsupial Milk Replacer 250g


Replacement Milk for sugar gliders joeys. Also suggested to use with pregnant or lactating female Sugar gliders. Simply sprinkle 1/8 teaspoon over foods daily to provide supplemental nutrition. Marsupial Milk Replacer Provides foundation nutrients for strong animal development. Provides quick […]

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