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It is very hard to know who you can trust, and even harder to find them! Here are a few links to trusted sources of information and trusted breeders. Obviously I do not know every breeder in the UK and I have no doubt there are some other ethical ones out there, but the ones below are close friends and we became close friends due to our ethics and love for gliders.

My first recommended link is to the UK’s number 1 Sugar Glider Forum. The staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience (around 60 years between them!). It is the perfect place to find out lots of honest information and make some friends!

UK Sugar Glider Forum

This is a link to an excellent breeder in East Yorkshire. Helen breeds mosaic and soon to be, more colours. Helen is a very knowledgable, experienced keeper and comes highly recommended.

East Coast Gliders

Here is a link to Jon’s custom built vivariums. Jon is also a glider keeper and enthusiast and specialises in building ‘Glideariums’. Glideariums are ideal as they have lighting and heating built in to them.

Custom Built Vivariums

If you are on Facebook (please ‘like’ my page), there is a UK Glider Group. It is friendly, informative and fun! There are also glider breeders on the SGUK page that I cannot link to as they do not have a website!

SGUK Facebook Page