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There are many classified sites and papers all advertising sugar gliders for sale now. If you are interested in one of these adverts give the person a call, ask about the age, how ‘tame’ they are, what the parents have been fed, how tame the parents are.

It would be nice to know how much knowledge the person has, quiz him/her about diet and what they would recommend, and ask questions about anything you are unsure of. Ask if they have any pictures of the joeys and the parents. You want to be sure they have come from a person that is knowledgable and ethical.

Some shops sell sugar gliders too, but to be brutally honest, avoid shop sold suggies! Most shops will order them from a wholesaler so you have no idea what conditions they’ve come from, what they have been fed and they won’t have had any socialisation.

If the shop breeds suggies then ask questions, many shops will keep their gliders at the shop premises so again they are not going to get too much interaction.

Recommended sugar glider breeders

Small list of trusted breeders

To be added to the above list please email me details of your suggie’s cages, diet and what makes you an ethical breeder.

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