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Cleaning the cage and toys is important to the health of the gliders but also to keep the smell under control. I would recommend cleaning on a rotational basis. If you clean everything in one go the male in particular will go mad re-scenting everything. So, on week 1 wash the pouches, week 2 wash the toys, week 3 scrub the cage, this will hopefully stop the male going on a scenting frenzy.

I recommend F10SCXD for cleaning; it is superb and completely safe for all your animals. Don’t go mad though – remember some bacteria is good as it helps to build up the immune system and keep it healthy. As cleaning products are developed to be more effective in killing bacteria, so the bacterium becomes more effective in building up resistance. Don’t overdo the cleaning, just keep the cage and contents clean and smell free.

Remove and replace the bedding weekly. Depending on the type of cage you use the gliders may not physically come into contact with the bedding, in my cages a grill separates the two. Don’t forget to always wash your hands after playing with your gliders!

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