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Introducing Gliders
Getting them together can be a nightmare, not all gliders want company, but all of the one’s I’ve introduced have been fine. There are a few basic guidelines, these are:

  • Never introduce a juvenile female to an adult male
  • Always make sure they are of equal size, and no less than 2 thirds the larger suggies weight
  • Never introduce a neutered male to an un neutered male
  • Never leave them to fight

Many people put the two cages side by side (but not too close) and they swap pouches and toys for a week to allow each glider to become accustomed to the others scent and so they become aware of and familiar to each other.

To introduce them, you can allow them to play out together which is great if you have an enclosed glider proof space in which the two will have to come into contact. Some people use a tent (which can also be used for bonding) and others use the bathroom; because there are too many slippery surfaces for the suggies to climb they have to stay in a small area – but if you do this make sure the toilet lid is closed!

I personally think that the slippery surface idea causes too much stress especially if the glider isn’t bonded, afterall they are arboreal and to escape from danger would run up trees!

After a week of playtime and pouch swapping you can try putting them in a cage together. The best time to do this is during the daytime, they are usually half asleep and all they want to do is curl up again (awww). Placing a glider into another glider’s cage is not ideal; the newbie would be invading the territory of the existing glider and is likely to be attacked, so use a fresh cage. Use clean pouches, bedding, toys and water bottles. Provide 2 of everything at opposite ends of the cage, so they can go about their business separately.

Be prepared to intervene if fighting breaks out, there’s bound to be a few squabbles and scuffles which is normal, usually they will squabble and have a little roll around and then stop and move to opposite ends of the cage where you will see them both sniffing furiously at each other. They will then approach on another slowly, sniff each others bums, crawl into a pouch and curl up. If it’s a male and female pair you may see the female put her head underneath the males chin, this is a submissive sign.

Some gliders won’t squabble at all, I’ve seen two young females walk up to an adult female and immediately begin grooming her which went down very well. If during any of the scuffles blood is drawn intervene immediately! Be prepared to get bitten, you will probably be bitten hard but you must take it.

If for whatever reason you are wishing to introduce a male to a female who has already been with a male, you should leave her in a fresh cage for a couple of weeks to allow the scent of the previous male to diminish.

Some people place a drop of vanilla or peppermint extract on to each glider so that they both smell the same.

Introducing 2 un neutered males isn’t impossible but it will take a lot longer as they are territorial. If you needed to do this I would seriously consider neutering both of them first.

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