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Do Do go at your glider’s speed, do not push them. The bond will be that much stronger if you allow them to come around in their own time.

DoDo talk to them. If you spend time watching and talking to them while they are in the cage you will notice they will pay attention, they won’t sit or roll over but they do acknowledge you.

DoDo reward good behaviour.

DoDo be patient; trust and a good strong bond does not happen over night.

DoDo play with your gliders; allow 2-3 hours a night for out of cage playtime.

DoDo enjoy the time you spend with them, if it is a chore then maybe gliders aren’t for you!

Don'tDon’t punish your glider, even if it bites you hard! By shouting, swiping at them, or anything that is negative, you will destroy all the hard work you have put into gaining their trust!

Don'tDon’t rush any of the stages; go at your gliders pace.

Don'tDon’t be afraid to go back a step. If for whatever reason things go wrong go back to the previous stage.

Don'tDon’t allow crowds of family and friends to coo over your gliders before they are bonded, this is likely to scare them.

Don'tDon’t chase your gliders, if playtime is in a tent it will be alot easier to put them away than if they are running loose in your room.