Sugar Glider Housing

If you are looking for something to house your gliders, although I do not stock cages or vivariums due to space limitations, I 100% recommend Jon and his 'Glideariums'.  

Vivarium type housing is becoming increasingly popular in the glider world,

  • They keep out draughts which are very dangerous to gliders.
  • It is a lot harder for gliders to escape from a vivarium - assuming routine checks are carried out and the doors are fully closed.
  • Other pets cannot come in to contact with the gliders.
  • Mess from food being thrown about is contained within the 'Glidearium' and not on your walls/carpet.


Jon's custom made 'Glidariums' have:

  • Trellis on the internal walls to allow gliders to use the most of the space, 
  • Built in heating and nocturnal safe lighting 
  • A feeding station
  • A water bottle holder
  • A storage compartment
  • A number of air vents to allow air to circulate
  • Toughened glass to ensure the safety of your gliders.


The 'Glidearium'  can be built to your specifications, to free stand or to fit in to an alcove to make a feature out of your gliders. Jon uses only high quality and animal friendly materials, so quality and satisfaction are guaranteed. With proper care, the Glidearium should last for many years - alot longer than a cage! 

If you decide to purchase one of Jon's Glideariums, I am offering a stealth wheel & starter kit which will be sent to Jon and he will install for you.

The kit includes:

  • One side mounted stealth wheel
  • Trim trax for the above to help keep the claws blunt
  • Zolcal D (liquid calcium supplement)
  • SGS High Protein Supplement
  • 70g Bee Pollen
  • 70g Acacia Gum
  • 30g Honey Powder
  • 2 x 50g of treats (two different types)


Bought separately, this kit would cost £81.80, when bought alongside one of Jon's Glideariums, you will receive a discount of 15%, so the cost is £69.50 on top of your vivarium cost.

If you are interested in a safe, good quality home for your sugar gliders, please have a look at Jon's site,

Starter Kit Custom
This starter kit is available via Jon at and is an exclusive offer when you buy a custom Gliderarium.    The kit contains: Freedom Wheel Freedom Wheel Trim Trax ..
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