Sugar Glider Food

Correct nutrition is incredibly important for gliders, it's the difference between a lifespan of 4 years or a lifespan of up to 14 years! Good nutrition helps keep gliders active, helps them to fight infections and aids healing.

Store all foods and supplements in a cool, dark place. Insectivore Fare should be kept sealed, and will last up to 4 months if stored correctly, it can even be frozen. The supplements if stored correctly will last up to two years, but they must be kept sealed.

Sugar Glider Diet with Eucalyptus 22oz
One of the highest quality Sugar glider eucalyptus diets available.  This sugar glider diet contains the finest and freshest grains, herbs, oils, fruits, vitamins and minerals.  Each EN animal diet is designed for a specific species, rep..
Insectivore Fare
Insectivore Fare is a soft, moist pelleted food designed to be fed free choice; many people like to leave it in the cage during the daytime in case their gliders fancy a snack. One tablespoon per pair of sugar gliders is sufficient. Skunks..
Monkey Biscuits Orange Flavoured - 1lb bag
Monkey Biscuits can be used as an alternative staple to Insectivore Fare. The biscuits are quite large and hard, but gnawable! They are orange flavour and gliders love them. If you prefer, they can be softened with fruit juice (Mango or Papaya as ..
Glider Complete 28oz
Glider Complete contains fruit, honey, and bee pollen, all in a simplified, easy to feed dry diet. As with all EN dried diets, it is pelletised, not an extruded pellet. Extruded pellets lose much of their nutrition due to the manufacturing process..
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Premium Sugar Glider Diet 22oz
Nutritionally complete for Joey age to adult Sugar gliders. Consistent nutritional value throughout every food pellet. No added colors, flavors or preservatives. Some of the diversified ingredients in Premium Sugar Glider Diet - Apples, Blueberrie..
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Fruit Mix Gumivore-fare - 8oz
An easy to feed, acacia gum based supplemental food source for Sugar Gliders and Marmosets. Fruit mix Gumivore-Fare delivers Pure Acacia Gum combined with a variety of mixed fruits, and fresh fruit pulp. Acacia Gum is a food that is native to thei..
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Insect Eater Diet - 12oz
Insect Eater Diet (12 oz.jar) is a fortified, balanced diet containing all natural ingredients. New ... moister product... easier to scoop! Specifically designed to be easy to feed, and provide optimum nutrition for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Skunk..
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