Wombaroo are an Australian company that produce high quality items for specific species.  The High Protein Supplement and the Milk Replacer are both specifically designed for possums.  


SGS Wombaroo High Protein Supplement 100g
Wombroo is quickly becoming a favorite supplement for sugar glider breeders, and keepers of older gliders.  Now you can try it for yourself without shelling out for a 250g box.  Add 2 teaspoon to 1lb of your gliders' fresh food and see t..
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Wombaroo Shake n Make Nectar
Wombaroo Shake 'n' Make Nectar is a convenient way of providing a nectar treat for your sugar gliders.  No weighing, no measuring!  Just add water and shake. Makes approx 500ml that you can refrigerate overnight or freeze in ice cube..
Wombaroo Nectar 300g
This is a larger size of the Shake 'n' Make Nectar.  Please note that the packaging states the product is "Lorikeet and Honeyeater Food" but is, according to the package directions, the same  nectar that is packaged on the Shake 'n' Make..
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Wombaroo High Protein Supplement 250g
Wombaroo High Protein Supplement is a high quality product made in Australia for possums.  It contains 52% crude protein and is ideal as a protein booster for fruit and nectar eating animals like sugar gliders and is a fantastic supplement fo..
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Wombaroo Small Carnivore Diet 250g
Wombaroo is quickly becoming a favorite supplement for breeders and keepers of older gliders. Small Carnivore Diet is another great product, it is a nutritionally balanced substitute to live foods.  Fortified with essential amino acids, f..
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