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All of these supplements are a regular part of the diet I feed my gliders. The whole point of me stocking suggie items was so that I never ran out! Oh, and to make it easy for you guys too of course!

Correct nutrition is incredibly important for gliders, it's the difference between a lifespan of 4 years or a lifespan of up to 14 years! Good nutrition helps keep gliders active, helps them to fight infections and aids healing.

I never sell anything that I haven't given my own gliders.

Store all foods and supplements in a cool, dark place. Insectivore Fare should be kept sealed, and will last up to 4 months if stored correctly, it can even be frozen. The supplements if stored correctly will last up to two years, but they must be kept sealed.

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SGS Honey Powder
Honey powder is natural honey that has been spray dried in to a fine powder.  Use it as a topping for fresh foods or over pellets to encourage them to eat.  It can also be rehydrated by adding water to the desired consistency. Ingred..
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SGS Gliderade
Gliderade is a vitamin enriched nectar supplement for sugar gliders.  It comes in powder form which you mix with water at a ratio of 1 part powder to 5 parts water, and offer to your gliders.  In nature these insectivorous mammals consum..
SGS Nutraglider - 100g
Nutra-Glider is a vitamin enriched nectar supplement in powder form.  The powder mixes 3 to 1 with fruit juice, to form a thick nectar that gliders relish.  This product contains 10% pure acacia gum ( a food that sugar glider feed on in ..
Elimina is an odour eliminating formula that is safe to use on your gliders, dogs, cats or even your other half! You spray it on to their food, and the active ingredient (Anthium Dioxide) is ingested and so works from the inside enhancing the exch..
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SGS Island Blend Treats
Island Blend treats have now changed slightly, they are now regular sized (1/2 inch cubes) of Mango, Papaya, Pineapple and Coconut.  They are really tasty (I've tried them), and gliders love them!     Small diced dried fruit..
SGS Papaya & Yogurt Treats
Papaya & Yogurt treats, another popular glider choice.     ..
SGS Papaya, Blueberry & Yogurt Treats
Dried Papaya blueberry & yogurt treats.  As some of you know, I try most treats, and these are absolutley amazing!     ..
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SGS Papaya Treats
Papaya treats, another popular glider choice.     ..
SGS Honey Sticks - Pack of 6
Honey, in a straw!  Each straw contains approximately 1 teaspoon of honey.  Snip the end of the straw off and it pops open to deliver a slurpy, naughty sweet treat to offer to your sugar gliders.   There are two different flavou..
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SGS Yogurt Drops
Yogurt drops are the number one treat for gliders.  I'm not saying they will all like them, but mine all certainly go made for them! ..
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SGS Pineapple Treats
Diced dried pineapple. A sweet, yummy treat, dried to retain maximum nutrition and freshness.  ..
SGS Papaya & Blueberry Treats
Dried Papaya and blueberry treats.  As some of you know, I try most treats, and these are absolutley amazing!     ..
Insect Eater Diet - 12oz
Insect Eater Diet (12 oz.jar) is a fortified, balanced diet containing all natural ingredients. New ... moister product... easier to scoop! Specifically designed to be easy to feed, and provide optimum nutrition for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Skunk..
Fruit Mix Gumivore-fare - 8oz
An easy to feed, acacia gum based supplemental food source for Sugar Gliders and Marmosets. Fruit mix Gumivore-Fare delivers Pure Acacia Gum combined with a variety of mixed fruits, and fresh fruit pulp. Acacia Gum is a food that is native to thei..
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Wombaroo High Protein Supplement 250g
Wombaroo High Protein Supplement is a high quality product made in Australia for possums.  It contains 52% crude protein and is ideal as a protein booster for fruit and nectar eating animals like sugar gliders and is a fantastic supplement fo..
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