Zolcal - D 120ml

Zolcal - D 120ml
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Zolcal - D is a very special liquid formulation of Calcium and Vitamin D3.

Liquid calcium is easier for the body to metabolise and absorb than powder.  Using Zolcal - D 2 - 3 times a week instead of calcium carbonate powder. I do include a small syringe so measuring is easy!  If your gliders weigh 100g each, add 0.1ml to each of the bowls

Although the usage instructions on the back of the bottle state it can be put in drinking water - I would NOT recommend this!  Gliders do not drink a lot of water, so just add it to your mush as normal.  

Zolcal - D should be administered at a rate of 0.1ml per 100g of animal. It is good practice to weigh your gliders regularly anyway as weight loss is an indication of illness, and often it is the one of the first symptoms to be noticed!  

Zolcal D is also very good for animals suffering from metabolic bone disease, so if you rescue/buy a glider with hind leg paralysis, Zolcal D is ideal!  

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