Enrichment Toys

Sugar gliders require a lot of enrichment to keep them active and interested.  Boredom can lead to stress, repetitve behaviours, inactivity and overgrooming.  A wheel is one of the most important items but also foraging and encouraging natural behaviours such as tail carrying and nesting.

I have a range of toys which can be used to enrich your gliders' lives.  

Woven Paper Sticks 12 Pack
A 12 pack of woven paper sticks can be left around the enclosure to encourage gliders to carry them in their tail.  Tail carrying is always fascinating and funny to watch. You could stuff them with dried flowers and leaves or even make mo..
Forage Bucket with Bells
This bucket has bells on it, so if your gliders are in your bedroom, I'd maybe give this one a miss! The bucket can be hung from the top of the enclosure and is prefilled with various different toys and things that can be used to make new toys..
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Fruit/Veg Holder
The fruit/veg holder can be used as a skewer for hanging fruit and veg from the bars of the enclosure.  Your gliders will happily hang upside down to reach and eat.  Do not overdo it with this though, you don't want to upset their balanc..
Buffet Ball
The Buffet Ball screws apart to allow you to fill it with your gliders' favorite dried flowers/leaves.  You can attach the buffet ball to the roof of the enclosure using the fruit/veg holder where it can hang safely rather than be on the ..
Enrichment Chest
This large treasure chest comes prefilled with wooden shapes - the wood and the colouring is 100% safe.  Remove the wooden shapes (you can use them to make another toy) and fill the chest with dried flowers or leaves from my botanical range. ..
Coconut Lantern
The Coconut Lantern is plugged at both ends to allow you to fill it with your gliders' favorite dried flowers/leaves.  You can attach the coconut lantern to the roof of the enclosure and your gliders will love hanging around while trying ..
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Dummy Pack
These plastic dummies are ideal for getting creative with and making your gliders a fun toy!  The dummies are made from hard plastic and are approx 4cm in length and 2cm wide. As with all cage accessories, make sure you check for dama..
Mini Flying Carpet
This hanging toy with it's colourful plastic chain links plus extra little plastic toys to play with certainly has the cute factor, especially when your suggies are sat on top of their flying carpet. Gliders like to undo knots, so you could we..
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SGS Sneaker Hanging Toy
The Sneaker Hanging Toy can be hung from the top of the enclosure and comes in a variety of colours. Not exactly 'natural' looking enrichment, but your gliders will have fun trying to undo the laces, you could also put treats inside the sneake..
Clean Cup Food Bowl
If your gliders are anything like mine, they love to sit IN the food bowl!  They will groom the food off themselves, but when one feeds brightly coloured items like butternut squash, the tail stains (especially on mosaics with white tails). &..
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