Where To Buy Sugar Gliders

It is hard to know where to start when looking to buy for your first sugar gliders.  There are pet shops and classified sites, some breeders have web pages and some do not.

My first piece of advice is to not buy from pet shops.  Many (but not all) have very little knowledge and will give out poor information regarding diet and housing.  A lot of shops buy their gliders from a wholesaler which is not an ideal environment.  The gliders are often  ill and aggressive.  I have helped many people nurse their pet shop bought gliders to health.  Sadly though, mPlatinum and hetany have also died at a very early age due to poor nutrition.

I know it is hard and I have heard a lot of people say they have bought gliders from a shop to save them.  But the sad truth is those gliders will just be replaced with more gliders that need saving.  It is a vicious cycle, it is only natural for a caring animal lo
ving person to want to save the gliders.  Pet shops also tend to charge more than a breeder would, the ‘going rate’ currently for classic greys is £150 each, but of course, you need two.

If the shop tells you that they breed the sugar gliders then ask questions.  Ask to see the joeys, ask to see the parents, ask to see them handled.  It is important that they can give you good information regarding diet, housing, bonding, general keeping and they should be able to answer your questions confidently. But don’t take their word as gospel (or mine), do as much research as you can.

When researching, avoid the US site Pocket Pets. They are mill breeders which is like a puppy mill for sugar gliders.  They give out bad advice and the ‘vet’ on YouTube works for them, so avoid him too. His techniques are questionable and in some cases cruel.

The best place to find a breeder is, Facebook!  There is a fantastic, fun, friendly group called Sugar Gliders UK which not only has several breeders that post regularly, but it is great for information and advice.  The group has many very experienced keepers and breeders who are happy to help.