Shropshire Exotics …

The reptile shop is now closed!  The sugar glider shop is still trading!

This will only affect those wanting to collect their parcels from the shop.  Parcels can still be collected but it will have to be Monday – Friday between 9am and 5.30pm from my partner’s workshop down Water Lane.  I will give more info to anyone requesting this service.

Available joeys!

I now have a page to advertise any joeys I have available. I do have a waiting list for the colours but the hets are just as important! Hets are a cheaper alternative to buying a visual and a het. For recessive genes (such as the leu gene), a het is necessary in order to produce a visual.

Fantastic Competition!

A friend of mine is running a fantastic competition, the prize is to have your glider immortalised on scarves, gloves and other glider apparel, and you will be the first to receive a winter scarf with your glider on it! All you need to do is take a photo of your glider gliding!

To enter you will need to join the sugar glider forum, and here is a link to Lou’s post about the comp:,8561.0.html

So get snapping and good luck!

Sugar Glider Registry

Us staff have been rather busy over the past few weeks creating something which we hope all you guys will utilise: the UK Sugar Glider Registry!

This has been in the pipes a while, but due to the sudden influx of coloured gliders we thought it was important to bring it in now to ensure people know where their gliders have come from and to promote ethical breeding practices.

How to Register Your Glider

1. If you are a breeder, get your breeders registration code by emailing
2. Go to and fill in the registration form.
3. TA DA, you are finished. We will get back in contact once we have generated your pedigree and lineage info.

If you have any issues, please email us on the above email address, contact me through the sugar glider shop or post,8521.0.html

No Frills Range

The No Frills products are exactly the same as the EN products, just without the fancy packaging. This has allowed me to reduce the prices on calcium, bee pollen and acacia gum!