Thank you Rhianna

Had this lovely comment today … she is talking about the Fruit Gumivore Fare. Of course, to resolve the issue of keeping it, you could spoon it out in to ice cube trays and freeze. When you want to give them a yummy treat, remove a cube and feed! … Thanks for that one too Emma ;o)

I have recently started giving my gliders this and i have to say, i think its brilliant! My only fault with it is, is doesnt last long enough! lol once opened it must be used within 2 weeks or stored frozen for up to 6 months.For those who havnt used it before, its basically acacia gum, pineapple, peach, blueberry, mango, apple and papaya in a jar, but my lot go ape for it! Its really easy to give them, just a spoonful or so in a food bowl. mine will lick their bowls clean for it!Using this in conjuction with the 2:1 diet will make your gliders coats amazing! I originally got it to boost my new pairs coats a little, with it having acacia gum in it, and its worked amazingly! Even Onions coat is turning beautiful now, and the boys, whose coats i thought were brilliant anyways, have got even better!I highly recommend this product, and your suggies will love you for it!

Need to get a bumper pack of this stuff next time, cos im nearly out!