Welcome to the UK’s first online shop specialising in Sugar Glider specific items, and the UK’s first breeder of colour morph sugar gliders.

The Sugar Glider Shop is a part of Shropshire Exotics which opened in 2005, and since the shop opened I have been selling items online to make sugar gliders’ lives better. All the products I sell are tried and tested by my own gliders. The Sugar Glider Shop is the UK’s number 1 online shop for sugar glider dietary supplements, treats, foods, nectar drinks, wheels, pouches and of course treats! It’s easy to feed your gliders a healthy diet with my extensive range of quality products and low prices.

Sugar Glider peering through vegetationI have been keeping sugar gliders since 2003 and breeding since 2005. I retired my classic greys from breeding a number of years ago in order to concentrate on breeding colour morph sugar gliders.

I am the first sugar glider breeder in the UK to breed Leucistic, White Faced Blonde, and Platinum sugar gliders, I am currently producing visuals and hets. I also have Cremeino, and Mosaic in the pipeline amongst others. Although I have a link for available joeys, my gliders are not part of ‘the business’, they are my own personal pets. It is important for joeys to go to their new homes tame as well as healthy, with this in mind I spend a lot of time handling my joeys and often post pictures and videos on Facebook. As the colour bloodlines are still quite small (but being expanded with the aid of a few good friends), it is important that lineage history is known. With this in mind, the Sugar Glider Registry was formed.

I also have my own forum which was designed and built by some very good friends of mine, Ray and Lou. The admin and moderator team are all friendly and experienced UK based sugar glider keepers and breeders. If you want to learn more, share your own experience or just make some like minded friends that don’t say “a sugar what?” be sure to visit the best UK based Sugar Glider forum.

Buying from us couldn’t be simpler. We are able to accept all major credit cards using Paypal as our payment system. If you do not have a Paypal account, don’t worry, as you are able to create a temporary account to pay with your credit or debit card.

If you are interested in a joey or two, please contact me via the ‘contact’ link.

I am more than happy to ship any items within Europe. If you do wish to have anything sent outside of the UK, please contact me with the details. Trade enquiries welcome, please contact me with your details and the name of your shop.